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Enjoying Your Hot Tub in Winter

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Japanese-Snow-Monkeys-in-a-hot-tubThe pool is closed for the season - that means its prime Hot Tub Season!

With a hot tub in cold weather, you have a relaxation location for family & friends.  Even if you don't get outside during Winter, backyard can remain a warm bubbling oasis.

Below you can read 5 tips to help you enjoy your NorthCoast Spa during winter:

1. Prepare

  • Be sure there is a path shoveled and salted to avoid slipping.
  • Use a robe or a towel to cover your skin from the cold wind as you walk to the spa.
  • Use your sandals or slippers to keep your feet away from the cold and the snow.
  • Submerging into warm water while your skin is still cold is exhilarating and may a few minutes for your body to adjust.

 2. Have a good cover and keep it on the spa

Reduce you energy bill by using a properly insulated cover.  And remove excess snow from the top of the cover.  It will help keep the water underneath warmer.

3. Use a towel warmer

When you get out of the tub, you don't want to put on a cold towel.   A warm towel is cozy and  keeps your body temperature from dropping. A towel warmer, placed right next to your hot tub, will heat your towels up for you while you relax. A less costly solution is to toss the towels in the dryer for 5 minutes before you go outside.

4. Wear something on your head

Your body heat escapes from an exposed head.  Wear a hat to keep your head and hair warm and dry.

5. New or Used - choose the right hot tub

If you live north of the Mason Dixon line, we recommend your hot tub has added foam insulation. This help sound proof the hot tub, it saves money in heating by keeping the water warm.

At Northcoast Spas, we love the outside.  Call us for a new cover or extra insulation.  If you are looking for your fist tub, give us a call before the Spring.


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