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Keep your Hot Tub from Freezing

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frozen-manAre you ready for the next Polar Vortex?  Winter can be brutal in the Mid-West.  And the best way to exist in a sub-zero climate is sitting in warm bubbling water.  But remember, your Spa also has to brave the cold.

How to Prevent Your Hot Tub from Freezing

If your spa is running, at least on low speed with all of its valves and lines open, the water won't be stationary long enough to freeze.  Do NOT turn off your hot tub at the breaker unless you are prepared to immediately drain and winterize the system.

Check your hot tub often in bitter cold weather. Expensive damage can occur in less than 24 hours. If you do not used your spa very often in the winter you may consider winterizing it and keep it empty.

Do not turn the temperature down too much. Keeping your water hot during the winter will protect your equipment and be the most energy efficient route. If you lose power or your heater goes out some during the winter, a water temperatures between 100-104° with the cover on will keep your pipes protected.  The water can keep its heat for 2-3 days during an outage. Unheated water during a polar blase can freeze in an hour with no circulation.

Keep a tight well-maintained cover keeps the heat and the water clean. Keep the cover on when you're not using it. If you have clips, make sure they're buckled so the cover stays secure during a blizzard.


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