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Hot Tub Skin Care

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canvas-skin care articleSome basic skin care tips will keep you looking and feeling healthier without compromising that precious hot tub time.

  • Hydrating the skin: It is important hydrate before and after soaking in your hot tub.  Drinking plenty of water is the first line of defense to stay hydrated
  • Restore the Moisture: A couple of commonly used natual products can be the difference between cracking dry skin and a radiant healthly glow. Here are a few ideas
  • Cold pressed coconut oil
  • Unrefined natural shea butter
  • Extra Virgn Olive Oil

  • Stay smooch-able: For smooth plump lips use a good quality lip balm before and after every hot tub use

  • Hair Care: Use a good leave in conditioner before and after your soak. Also, pin those beautiful locks up to minimize exposure to the sanitizing chemicals

Most importantly keep your tub clean with good quality
Hot Tub Sanitizers and Water Conditioners


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