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Get Out the Musty Hot Tub Smell

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Damour-MS-lifestyleSmelling like a musty moldy hot tub for hours after use is enough to discourage anyone from using their hot tub as the source of relaxation and healing it is meant to be.  Take your hot tub basic with a few simple regular practices

Check the PH Balance regularly to make sure it is not too high. A good PH is 7.4 - 7.6. Also, check the recommende use of sanitizing chemicals. Your levels of these may be too low.

Keep mold at bay by checking often for dark spots on the cover (check edges of lining and corners especially well). Scrub with diluted bleach or spray with disenfectant. Make sure to spray the hot tub surfaces, cleaning tools, and any items used in the tub

Put your tub on a draining/cleaning schedule. When empty clean and sanitize the filter and pipes. Scrub the interior surfaces to disenfect as well.
A smell good additive doesn't kill any bacteria but it can help while trouble shooting bacteria fighting solutions.


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