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Hot Tub Energy Saving Tips

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Increased energy bills are a given when deciding to add a hot tub to your home, but there are simple ways to keep the costs manageable.

One of the most effective ways to decrease the energy used to heat and reheat hot tub water is to keep a good cover on your tub. Check your hot tub cover for cracks in the insulation.  Also, if the hot tub cover insulation is old and brittle it is not doing it's job 100 percent.  Any tears along the sides where heat can escape is another thing to watch out for.  If your hot tub cover is in questionable shape it may cost less in the long run to just replace the cover.

Another big hot tub energy saver is dialing down that thermostat.  Most people keep the thermostat at the highest temp allowed..usually 104 degrees.  By turning that dial back just a couple of notches you could see savings in the double digits each month.

Slow down the wind traveling across the surface of your hot tub and sneaking into any crack and crevice cooling your water temp.  A winder breaker can really help stop the constant reheating of hot tub water.  Try screens or shrubs to block you hot tub from heat sucking wind.

Possibly the most pracitcal is keeping a close eye on your energy bills each month.  Leaks are not always obvious but they can show up on your monthly bills. Catching a hot tub leak quickly will save a good amount of money by avoiding the cycle of brining new water up to temp.

By putting all of these little fixes together you can save money and enjoy your hot tub quilt free.


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