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Safety Tips for Sauna Owners

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sauna-repairThe benefits of the sauna

When you sweat toxins are eliminated  from the body.  Typically when the tissue in your body is warmed, blood flow increases which helps heal your body's tissues.  This is the natural way your body defends itself against a virus - a fever.  A warmer body  can also releive joint and muscle pain.

How long is too long?

In 2010 Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy of Russia died during the World Sauna Championship in Finland.  He was in the sauna for only 6 minutes (the sauna was at 225 degrees farenheight).  They have discontinued the event.

So what safety rules apply to sitting in a sauna?

Rules for sauna safety

  1. Time - keep your stay to 15 to 20 minutes at a time.  If you are sensitive to heat, start off with a short stay.
  2. Heart - A warmer body means a faster heart beat.  If you have heart problems, consult your physician
  3. Toasting - Do not drink alcohol in the sauna. Yes, thats a period.
  4. Take a Break - Let your body recuperate for at least 10 minutes between sessions
  5. Drink - not alcohol, but water.  Rehydrate with plenty of water before and after.
  6. Buddy System - Like swimming have a friend or family member either join you or be aware, or around when you sauna.  
  7. Cool down – the nordic way is to jump in the snow after sitting in a sauna.  you can also take a cool shower.
  8. How do you feel - If you begin feel dizzy, a headache, or nauseous, get out. The purpose of a sauna is to feel better not worse.


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