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Is Your Hot Tub Unhealthy?

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gross-spa-waterIs sitting in a hot tub for extended periods of time healthy?

Hot tubs can be very relaxing, and because they promote sweating they can be healthful as well.

The main concern with hot tub soaking is the water sanitation and the chemical balance.  Unless properly disinfected, hot tubs breed bacteria that can cause skin infections.
Hot tub folliculitis is a rash caused by a bacterial infection that is commonly experienced after soaking a poorly sanitized hot tub, and can occur even if the water looks clean. Stay clear of tubs if the water is murky or green or doesn't smell right.

To santize hot tubs, it is recommend that you use copper products.

Also, it is advise that pregnant women do not soak in hot tubs because the heat.  Very warm water can raise mom's core body temperature, affecting blood circulation to the baby.


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