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auburn-township-buildingsNorthcoast Spa & Hot Tub Provides sales and service to the Auburn Township residents. 

We are a few minutes away from Auburn Township and ready to serve you with:
  • New Hot Tubs
  • Used Hot Tubs (see our current selection)
  • Custom Hot Tub Covers
  • Complete Installation
  • On Call Repair Service to Auburn Township OH
  • Hot Tub Chemicals and Supplies
  • Do-It-Yourself Hot Tub Parts (all makes • all models)
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The excerpt below is from the Auburn Township website (it makes us thankful for the work done before us):

Dear reader, try to visualize in your mind’s eye the area you know now as nothing but unbroken forest for miles and miles. Trees reaching to the zenith and so thick the sun only knew a patch here and there. That is what the pioneers found here.

Imagine the work to clear a patch of ground to “lay up a cabin” and after you move in, discover that a bear has moved in also! How about a few Indians? These Indians wanted food, whiskey, guns and the oldest boy and girl to drag over the hill and maybe never hear from again.

Auburn was not settled until 1815. There were no roads or bridges and then there were the Auburn woods, which were another problem for the pioneers. Travelers were terrified of the woods which harbored wolves, bears, snakes and goodness knows what else.

Bildad Bradley was born in Massachusetts in 1780 and came to Auburn from South Newbury in 1814, started a house on the north line of the township and later discovered he had the house on the wrong lot and in 1815, he took it down and moved it further west. This would be somewhere near the bend in Messenger Road. He married Emily Veasy and they had four children. Two died young, one being the first buried in the South Newbury Cemetery. Mr. Bradley helped lay out the State Road and carried the front end of the chain.


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