At North Coast Spa & Hot Tub, we want to make sure everyone can get the soothing relief they need, right in their own home. That’s why we’re proud to offer used saunas in Mentor, right from our showroom! Of course, we take great care in everything we do, so our sauna service technicians go through an extensive process before any used sauna is available to our customers.


We verify the history of the sauna, and have our technicians inspect every part of the sauna, inside and out. If there’s a problem we can’t make right, rest assured you won’t see the sauna in store. Whenever you’re looking to buy used saunas, you need to go to a team you can trust. If you’re looking for a steam suite or used saunas in Ohio, there’s no team more experienced, fair, and caring than at North Coast.


When you let us get you into a home sauna, even if it’s used, you’ll feel brand new when you experience the wide range of sauna benefits it comes with.