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ed-group-solonSolon Ohio Hot Tub owners know the best place to purchase an Hot Tub from Northcoast Spa & Hot Tub.

  • Gantwood Golf Course include a excellent facility but it is lacking your Hot Tub from Northcoast Spa & Hot Tub.
  • Spend som soak time in your Solon Hot Tub after shopping at Solon Square Shopping Center.
  • After bargain hunting at the Ultra Uptown Solon Shopping center off of Bainbridge Rd, relax in your Solon Hot Tub from Northcoast.
Glossy-metal-buttonsA large growth spurt followed this period in Solon's history and the town became a city on December 5, 1960. Residential growth grew by leaps and bounds. The 1970 population of 11,147 jumped to 14,341 in 1980 and Solon's most recent estimated population is almost 23,000. In 1987and 1994, city planners and the voters once again helped to shape Solon's future by passing an increased lot size ordinance, which has effectively slowed the rate of residential growth for new housing.

City officials believe the population will top out between 25,000 and 26,000 citizens (instead of 40,000 under the old zoning), a workable amount which will be planned for in terms of city services, schools, programs, and means of transportation.

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