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parma-logoResidents of Parma deserve a family vacation at home in your new Hot Tub.

Once you have your hot tub installed, Northcoast has all the chemicals you need to keep your tub ready for a soak.
  • Bromine 1.5lb  1.5 lbs.-Effectively sanitizes and disinfects spa water. Bromine tablets SHOULD NOT be added directly to water as this may damage spa finish..
  • Bromine 4lb  4 lbs.-Effectively sanitizes and disinfects spa water. Bromine tablets SHOULD NOT be added directly to water as this may damage spa finish.
  • Chlorine 2lb  2 lbs.-Effectively sanitizes and disinfects spa water. Added directly to water.
  • Chlorine 5lb  5 lbs.-Effectively sanitizes and disinfects spa water. Addede directly to water.
  • Sodium Bromide  1 lb.-Establishes an immediate bromine reserve. Use only when filling spa.
  • Ph Balance  32 oz.-A unique product that controls pH drift and locks in pH at a range of 7.2 to 7.8 for approximately 3 months. SHOULD NOT BE USED WITH HARD WATER.
  • Renew  2 lb.-Non chlorine shock treatment that eliminates odors and reduces irritating contaminates.
  • Renew Tablets  2 lbs.-A shock treatment for spas that use ozone.
  • Spa Up  2 lb.-Raises pH and alkalinity in spa water.
  • Spa Down  2.5 lb.-Lowers pH and alkalinity in spa water.
  • Spa Alkalinity Increaser  Raises total alkalinity safely and effectively.
  • Spa Mineral Purifier  Enhances water quality with natural minerals. Improves water purity. Reduces sanitizer demand.
  • Free Sanitizer  100% chlorine and bromine free sanitizer. Gentle on eyes, hair , skin,and swimsuits. Virtually odor free and controls bacteria longer than chlorine or bromine. Requires less maintenance than traditional sanitizing systems.
  • Boost  Non chlorine liquid shock to be used with Free Sanitizer. Breaks down oils, lotions, and other organic materials. Improves filtration while keeping water clean and clear.
  • Control  Use at start up and weekly as part of the Free Sanitizing system. Special action formula prevents stain, scale, and unsightly waterline film from forming in the spa.
  • Cleanse  Concentrated cleaner that removes buildup at the waterline. To be used in conjunction with the Free Sanitizing system.

More about Parma

The land that would become Parma was settled in 1816 by the Benajah Fay family of New York. It became a village in 1924 and adopted a mayor-council form of government in 1926. On January 1, 1931, Parma became a city when a proposition to annex it to the city of Cleveland was defeated.

Parma is southwest of Cleveland; it is bounded by Cleveland and Brooklyn on the north, Brooklyn Heights, and Seven Hills on the east, North Royalton and Broadview Heights on the south, and Brook Park, Middleburg Heights, and Parma Heights on the west. The name was taken from Parma, New York, where it was probably derived from the early 19th century fascination with classical Italy. During the 19th century, Parma remained largely agricultural. In 1912, a portion of the township seceded to form the village of Parma Heights.

Parma's tremendous growth came after World War II as young families began moving from Cleveland into the suburbs. During the Cold War, Parma's Nike Site Park, now James Day Park, housed Nike missiles located in underground silos. Between 1950 and 1960, Parma's population soared from 28,897 to 82,845 (during the 1960s it was the fastest growing city in the U.S.). The population peaked in 1970 at 100,216 before falling to the 2010 population of 81,601. Parma is the largest suburb of Cleveland and the seventh-largest city in Ohio.


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