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mentor-on-the-lake-ohioResidents of Mentor-on-the-Lake deserve a family vacation at home in your new Hot Tub.

Once you have your hot tub installed, Northcoast has all the chemicals you need to keep your tub ready for a soak.
  • Bromine 1.5lb  1.5 lbs.-Effectively sanitizes and disinfects spa water. Bromine tablets SHOULD NOT be added directly to water as this may damage spa finish..
  • Bromine 4lb  4 lbs.-Effectively sanitizes and disinfects spa water. Bromine tablets SHOULD NOT be added directly to water as this may damage spa finish.
  • Chlorine 2lb  2 lbs.-Effectively sanitizes and disinfects spa water. Added directly to water.
  • Chlorine 5lb  5 lbs.-Effectively sanitizes and disinfects spa water. Addede directly to water.
  • Sodium Bromide  1 lb.-Establishes an immediate bromine reserve. Use only when filling spa.
  • Ph Balance  32 oz.-A unique product that controls pH drift and locks in pH at a range of 7.2 to 7.8 for approximately 3 months. SHOULD NOT BE USED WITH HARD WATER.
  • Renew  2 lb.-Non chlorine shock treatment that eliminates odors and reduces irritating contaminates.
  • Renew Tablets  2 lbs.-A shock treatment for spas that use ozone.
  • Spa Up  2 lb.-Raises pH and alkalinity in spa water.
  • Spa Down  2.5 lb.-Lowers pH and alkalinity in spa water.
  • Spa Alkalinity Increaser  Raises total alkalinity safely and effectively.
  • Spa Mineral Purifier  Enhances water quality with natural minerals. Improves water purity. Reduces sanitizer demand.
  • Free Sanitizer  100% chlorine and bromine free sanitizer. Gentle on eyes, hair , skin,and swimsuits. Virtually odor free and controls bacteria longer than chlorine or bromine. Requires less maintenance than traditional sanitizing systems.
  • Boost  Non chlorine liquid shock to be used with Free Sanitizer. Breaks down oils, lotions, and other organic materials. Improves filtration while keeping water clean and clear.
  • Control  Use at start up and weekly as part of the Free Sanitizing system. Special action formula prevents stain, scale, and unsightly waterline film from forming in the spa.
  • Cleanse  Concentrated cleaner that removes buildup at the waterline. To be used in conjunction with the Free Sanitizing system.

More about Mentor-on-the-Lake

As cities go, Mentor-on-the-Lake is a young community. In the early 1920's we were still a township with Mentor. As the population grew, 33 voters petitioned the township trustees to create its own village government, which began on October 22, 1924.

The 1970 United States Census registered Mentor-on-the-Lake above 5000 residents. On February 12, 1971 Mentor-on-the-Lake was incorporated as a city.

The City of Mentor-on-the-Lake is 1.6 square miles in area, with 99% of the land already developed. Today, there are approximately 7 acres of land left for new business and office use. There are at present 2,600 single family homes and 700 apartments and condominiums.


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