PDC Spas


At North Coast Spa & Hot Tub, we’re proud to provide the best hot tubs in the greater Cleveland area. That’s why we’re thrilled to be dealers of PDC hot tubs and spas.

PDC is the premier manufacturer of quality hydrotherapy products nationwide, and as a local business, we like to know we’re selling products that are made in America. Because we offer PDC spas, we have confidence in what we deliver to you, our customer.

You won’t find a more diverse selection of swim spas and hot tubs that meet this high standard anywhere else. Whether you need a hot tub for sore muscles, a spa for getting fit, or just a warm tub to relax in at the end of the day, you’ll find it right here.

You can check out our PDC hot tubs in the greater Cleveland area at our showroom, or we can order your favorite straight from the manufacturer.

The ultimate hot tub experience with enriched performance and exclusive features. Choose from five body cradling designs with Air’assage™ air therapy, EverPure™ ozone, Halo LED lighting™and a trio of cascading water spouts, backed with a 35 year warranty.

  • Bali 7 seats, 143 jets
  • Biscayne 5 seats, 96 jets
  • Fiji 6 seats, 115 jets
  • Malibu 5 seats, 97 jets
  • Reno 6 seats, 117 jets

Six exceptionally comfortable hot tub designs with maximum water action, dependable operation and high style. PowerFlo™ filtration, TemperLok™ insulation, Prism™ lighting and 25 year warranty.

  • Barbados 7 seats, 62 jets
  • Carmel 3 seats, 28 jets
  • Catalina 5 seats, 54 jets
  • Denali 7 seats, 61 jets
  • Freeport 6 seats, 61 jets
  • Monterey 5 seats, 56 jets

Five body-hugging hot tub models that are large on features and small on price. Reliable craftsmanship backed with a 10 year warranty, TemperLok™ insulation, Pristine™ filtration, and shiny stainless Reflections™ jets positioned for full body relaxation.

  • Mirage 3 seats, 29 jets
  • Mystic 6 seats, 53 jets
  • Seasons 5 seats, 43 jets
  • Summit 7 seats, 42 jets
  • Twilight 5 seats, 27 jets